Cursors and icons for your Desktop or Web page

Make Cursors and Icons with this online web app

Cursorwiz is a web app for making your own custom cursors and icons to use on your computer desktop or on web pages

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.0.0 or greater is installed.

Tips For making Cursors and Icons Using Cursorwiz:

Pick drawing colors from the color picker box.

Draw transparent areas of the cursor by using the slider control.You can
have three different levels of transparancy for the current color you are
using.Full transparancy is 1 and solid color is 4 on the slider.Click on the
examples to see the different effects of each transparency level.

Draw with a thick or thin line by clicking on the pencil tip images.

Use the Stamps to build up patterns on the drawing grid.

Set the Cursor Hotspot (The part that you click with) between 1 and 32.

You can use your own images by clicking on the file button. The image will
automatically be resized to fit the grid.

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Try not to use images much bigger than the Drawing Grid as the shrunken
image will not look very good.

Test the Cursor by moving it around in the Test Zone Panel.

Save the Cursor in icon or cursor file format. Give the filename a .ico file
extension to save as an icon.